Assorted Mini Cheesecakes

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Hard to make a choice? We totally understand as all of them are absolutely delicious, all worth a try. So in order for you to gauge the various types of cheesecakes and mini cheesecakes we have created an assortment of 4 different Mini Cheesecakes, cupcake size cheesecakes. This way you can taste test, or just have a variety of cheesecakes for a number of weekends.

This assortment consists of 4 different Mini Cheesecakes, and you will receive 3 of each; a total of 12 gourmet Mini Cheesecakes;
Peanut Butter Cup Mini Cheesecake: made with the real Reese's cups. A cupcake size Peanut Butter New York Style cheesecake is drizzled with milk chocolate and topped with a Reese's cup.
Turtle Mini Cheesecake: a New York Style mini cheesecakes with a top layer of Georgia pecans swimming in a silky delicious caramel sauce and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate.
Mini Cherry Cheesecake: one of kind dessert in mini format. Sweet cherries set in a layer of cherry glaze make this creamy cheesecake moist, lush and ever so addictive.
Strawberry Mini Cheesecake: fresh mouthwatering strawberries comfortably set in a thin layer of strawberry glaze, on top of a smooth and delicious cheesecake that rests on a vanilla wafer cookie crust. One word to describe this mini cheesecake: delicious.

These Assorted Mini Cheesecakes are handmade, and freshly baked specifically for your order and will ship 2 business days after your order is placed. It will be shipped directly from the baker in its own thickly insulated shipping box, packed with dry ice, and will incur a separate shipping charge.

Please double-check the expected delivery date during check-out. You may need to choose a faster shipping option to accommodate your desired delivery date.

When your place your order after 6PM, an additional day may be will needed to get your order ready.