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Can't decide? Or looking for the perfect treat for a chocoholic? Our chocolate collection showcases five of our bestselling chocolate treats, so you don't need to pick just one. 

This set includes: 

Belgian Brownie Waffles (13.7 oz): This chocolate twist on the traditional Belgian Liege waffle is a sweet update on a classic favorite. Made with a thick batter for a doughy texture and covered with pearl sugar for a sweet and crispy coating. 

Chocolate Mascarpone (8 oz): an Italian-style spread flavored with chocolate. Silky and smooth, this is wonderful atop any sweet treat.

Cocoa Biscuits (7.2 oz): light and crumbly biscuits, filled with tiny pieces of chewy coconut and crisp oats for a delightful crunch, and flavored with layers of malted cocoa for that rich chocolate taste. 

Orange Delights (4.9 oz): sugary, candied oranges, hand-dipped into dark chocolate. Wonderfully fruity, chocolatey, and slightly chewy. 

Chocolate Biscotti (7 oz): light and delicious crunchy biscotti imported from Italy. Great with coffee or ice cream! 

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