Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers

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Many people have tried their hand at making sourdough bread, but not many have stuck to it, the way Tracy Gribbon does. A couple of time a week, she and her team are working with sourdough starter in order to make crackers. Delicious crackers that it.

This sea salt version is lightly salted; the crunchy crackers has the characteristic flavor of sourdough, making it a perfect mate for cheese, spread, charcuterie or jams and jellies.

The crackers are packed in a bag that can be released, so easier to keep fresh.

Ingredients:organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), organic sourdough starter [organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), filtered water], grass fed butter [pasteurized cream (milk), lactose starter], sea salt.