Sea Salt Sourdough Crackers

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As much as it is difficult to achieve perfect sourdough recipes, it is a showcase in dedication to continue to crank out perfect sourdough crackers like the team at Georgia Sourdough do week in and week out. The result of consistent trials and hard work, the salt content and crunchiness of these sourdough crackers is perfectly balanced, making them the perfect light snack to go with your tea, soup, or salads. Crunchy and with a delightful authentic sourdough flavor, you can top these crackers with cheese, jellies, and jams as well. The packaging keeps these crackers fresh as recently baked, so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Ingredients:organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), organic sourdough starter [organic flour (hard red winter and spring wheat, malted barley), filtered water], grass fed butter [pasteurized cream (milk), lactose starter], sea salt.