Double Devon Cream

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CountryUnited Kingdom

The 'creme de la creme', literally. Double Devon Cream is made by letting the cream rise to the top of fresh milk. Next, the cream is separated, and allowed to go through the same process whereby the cream itself will separate into richer and lighter parts. The richest part of the cream itself is separated, and called ‘double cream’. 

In Devon and nearby areas of England, dairy products are highly respected. Vibrant green fields are dotted with cows making exemplary milk. From this region comes the famous Double Devon Cream, a staple in British cuisine. 

Use this thick and rich cream to top off desserts, pancakes and waffles, or have during tea time with biscuits or scones. It can also be used as a thickener for puddings and other desserts. The texture is much like room-temperature butter. 

Ingredients:pasteurized double Devon cream.
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