Havarti with Spices & Herbs

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Lee's Fast Facts
Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes

A vegetarian cheese mixed with hand selected spices; it makes this cheese a good candidate as a meat replacer. Havarti is an easy-to-slice Danish cheese with a soft and creamy consistency. The spices and herbs give this cheese a savory twist.

A few ways you can use this Havarti with Spices & Herbs, made by Daneko is as a snack, on a cracker, in grilled cheese, cheese soup, Danish mac and cheese or topping of a burger.

Pair this Havarti with Spices & Herbs with pilsener, rum or chardonnay.

Ingredients:pasteurized cow's milk, salt, spices, starter culture, herb and microbial rennet.