Feta Stuffed Olives

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Feta cheese stuffed in Greek olives - very traditional, very Greek and the thing to have when you're preparing your meza.

Tangy, crumbly cheese inside the buttery, meaty Halkidiki olives; a combination that will take you to the Greek Islands.

The Halkidiki olives come from Mount Athos or Agion Oros, as it is locally known and occupies the best part of the Athos peninsula in Halkidiki, a rugged, sea-battered peninsula 56 kilometers long and holds the oldest surviving monastic community in the world. Because of it's isolation Mount Athos has remained one of the most unspoiled parts of Greece.

Ingredients:Halkidiki green olives, sunflower oil, feta cheese (sheep and goat milk, animal rennet, salt), mizithra cheese (whey, sheep and goat milk, animal rennet, salt), modified potato starch, spices, sea salt, citric acid (acidity regulator).
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