French Raclette Cheese

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Wedge, weight: 8 ounces
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Quarter wheel, weight: 3.5 pounds
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Raw milkYes
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Raclette is a traditional type of cheese from the French and Swiss Alps, designed to be melted in cold weather. Raclette is a large wheel of semi-firm cheese with a very cheesy, and slightly savory flavor. The traditional service includes warming the entire wheel until the edge melts and gets crispy and soft. This gooey cheese is then scraped onto potatoes, bread, and served with onions, pickles and more.

This version is made in France and has a more rustic rind and more funkiness than the Swiss Raclette. It’s very good at room temp or cold, in contrast with full raclette service. Try with a Riesling or Gewurztraminer.

We cut and wrap this cheese in 4 sizes: approximately 1 pound, 8 ounces, a 1/4 wheel (approximately 3.5 pounds) and 1/2 wheel (approximately 7 pounds).

Ingredients:thermalized cow's milk, salt, lactic starters, microbial rennet, preservatives on the rind: E235 (small amount).