Saint Agur Cheese

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Pasteurized MilkYes
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This rich and buttery blue cheese is produced in the Auvergne region in central France, renowned for its production of blue cheese which has been a local tradition for centuries. This region is known for its mountain ranges and dormant volcanoes.

Made from cow's milk and ripened for at least 2 months, this award-winning blue is creamy and smooth and will develop a subtly 'spicy' flavor as it ages. It's not very salty and will appeal to many palates. 

Immensely popular in France, this cheese is soft and spreadable. Try it spread on a slice of pear or apple, or simply over a piece of crusty French baguette.

Choose a sweet, white wine such as a Sauternes as a companion or try it with a glass of port wine.

Ingredients:pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, penicillium roqueforti, animal rennet.