Spinach Asiago & Roasted Garlic Ravioli

Picture of spinach asiago & roasted garlic ravioli
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Simply delicious: Asiago is one of the tastiest cheeses from the Eastern Italian Alps. Mix that with ricotta, sauteed spinach and some roasted garlic, which is piped into a beautiful yellow and green stripe square ravioli. do not pass up the opportunity to enjoy this fresh pasta from Nuovo.

Two servings per package.

Once you receive the package, it has an optimal shelf life of 3 weeks or should be frozen within those days.

Ingredients:Filling: ricotta cheese (milk, whey, cream, vinegar, salt, natural stabilizers [xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum]), spinach, asiago cheese (pasteurized whole milk, culture, salt, enzymes), mozzarella cheese (pasteurized whole milk, culture, salt, enzymes), roasted garlic, romano cheese (pasteurized sheep milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, whey), breadcrumbs (unbleached wheat flour, evaporated can juice/sugar, yeast, sea salt), egg white, butter, natural parmesan cheese flavor (parmesan cheese {milk, culture, salt, enzymes}, salt yeast extract, unsalted ubtter, corn extract, butter, corn oil, olive oil, cream powder, non-fat dry milk, olive oil and natural flavoring), milk, water, salt, pepper, sage powder, nutmeg.
Pasta: durum flour, natural wheat flour, water, eggs, tumeric oil.