Accompaniment Starter Kit

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Just add your favorite cheeses! An assortment of our favorite accompaniments, this features all the sweet, salty and savory items to pair with your hand-picked favorite cheeses.

What's inside:
Caramelized Pecans (4.4 oz.) - crunchy roasted and slightly sweet pecans
2s Company Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Crisps (5.3 oz.)- gourmet crisps that go well with soft-ripened cheese or just enjoy them with your favorite drink.
Fig Almond Cake (150 grams)- an artisanal Spanish cake made with just whole pajarero figs and marcona almonds.
French Cornichons (12.4 oz.) - tiny pickles and have a bumpy exterior. They often called baby sour gherkins.
Greek Olive Mix (5.3 oz.) - a medley of black Kalamata, black Conservolea, and green Halkidiki olives, all with pits.
Mango Chutney for Cheese (6.6 oz.) - a traditional Major Grey style chutney, but with a third the salt and more ginger and cinnamon for a spicier, more complex flavor.
Perlas de Chocolate (5.64 oz.) - a delightful treat of chocolate covered and cocoa dusted Valencia almonds.
2s Company Poppy Seed Wafers (3.5 oz.) - the additions of these tiny poppy seeds result in a big difference in flavor.
Salame Sopressata (5.5 oz.) - known for its robust taste thanks to the generous amount of garlic added.

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