American Charcuterie Sampler

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A charcuterie board is a tough competitor for a cheese board with meats in various cuts, cures, and flavors. Salami, pate, bacon, ham, meat spreads, and other sausages may appear in a charcuterie selection.

Our American Charcuterie Sampler contains the following:

Black Pepper Sorghum Salami, sliced (3 oz.) - This Georgia-made salami has a sorghum syrup flavor and black peppercorn adornment.
Salami Sopressata (5.5 oz.) - Sopressata is an uncured Italian salami made with high-quality pork and an infusion of garlic and wine. This coarsely ground meat is a savory classic.
Finocchiona Salami, sliced (3 oz.) – Spotted Trotter's Finocchiona is mild and aromatic. It has fennel seeds and a licorice-like flavor that plays well with others or on its lonesome.
Pancetta Americano, sliced (2 oz.) - La Quercia's pancetta is a crowd-pleaser. Everything tastes better with bacon or pancetta.
Gold Medal Pate (7 oz.) - Schaller & Weber's award-winning mousse pate has an incredible taste and smooth spread. Its use of spices and natural sweeteners will have you back for seconds.
Nduja (4 oz.) - This prosciutto-like spread has red chili peppers to spice up any pizza or pasta dish.

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