Calogiuri Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Vincotto Bundle

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A due of gourmet olive oil and dark vinegar by Gianni Calogiuri: a small family business that self-bottles and still produces according to traditional methods in Lizzanello, Italy. This set includes

1 x Affiorato olive oil and 1 x fig Vincotto vinegar:
Affiorato Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Cold-pressed in Italy using an old tradition of extracting the olive oil by hand, each bottle of Affiorato extra virgin olive oil is created with care. Time is taken to crush each olive in water, letting the rich oil rise to the surface, which is then scooped off and bottled to create this high-quality product. Rich in flavor, it's easy to see why Affiorato olive oil is so highly valued.
Fig Vincotto: A sweet and velvety fig vincotto vinegar with subtle, fruity overtones. Made from slow-cooked Negroamaro and Malvasia grapes from Italy, this vinegar is then infused and aged in oak barrels for four years before being blended and infused with figs. The fruit inclusion gives a balanced flavor of sweet and sour to this Vincotto vinegar, making it perfect for a wide range of uses.