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Celebrating an occasion or hosting a game-day party? Delight all tastes with our all-around crowd-pleasing collection, filled with a wide range of delicious treats for everyone. Whether a birthday, seasonal celebration or simply getting together with friends and family, this collection has it all.

This collection includes:
Organic Goat Cheese, La Bonne Vie: 10.5 ounces of moist, creamy, beautifully white.
2s Company's Gluten Free Wafer Crackers: very tasty and as good as any gluten containing cracker.
Vino Cabra: a purple veined Spanish goat cheese infused and soaked in red wine.
Fried and Salted Valencia Almonds: 4 ounces of just plain fried and salted and delicious almonds.
Schellen Bell Cheese: an alpine-style cheese made from raw cow's milk and aged for 10 months, during which it develops a wonderful flavor and aroma.
Salumi's Sliced Prosciutto Italiano: this ham is slowly cured for 12 months, developing a sweet, nutty flavor with buttery texture.
Ava's Simply Salted Grilled Flatbread Crisps: a truly unique snacking experience; handcrafted and fire grilled crisps.
Buffalo Chicken Dip: your chip's favorite dip, made with real cream cheese and tender all white-meat chicken.
Pitted Castelvetrano Olives: fresh Italian olives, buttery, rich and delectable, kept in sunflower seed oil and salt.
Maple Waffles: based on a traditional Belgian recipe, with a little bit of maple syrup baked into the waffles.
Perlas de Chocolate: large toasted Larguetas almonds, dipped in chocolate and rubbed and dusted with cocoa powder.

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