French Charcuterie Collection

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Charcuterie was originally dedicated to the preservation of meat for later use. Soon it was discovered how tasty preserved meats could be. The French are masters of curing meat. Pate, terrines, rilletes, galatines and more are a prominent part of French cuisine. This collection offers a sample of three delicious types of French charcuterie, with the classic cornichon pairing. Add a baguette and you’re all set.

French Charcuterie Collection contains the following:
Pate de Campagne 5oz – A classic country style pate, the most popular style in France for everyday enjoyment. It has a slightly coarser texture than mousse, and more texture. Perfectly seasoned and elegant.
Rillettes de Canard 7oz – Duck meat is slow cooked until tender and succulent, then mixed with duck fat and seasoned until absolutely divine. Spread this delicacy over soft bread for ultimate bliss.
Duck Leg Confit 7oz – Leg of duck is gently cooked in fat until it’s tender and delicious. Simply reheat and enjoy.
French Cornichons 12.4oz – Classic French pickles made from tiny cucumbers. They are perfectly bite-sized. Simply top a slice of bread with pate, salami or rillettes, and add a single cornichon. The acidity of cornichon complements the rich meat perfectly. Voila!

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