Game Day Party Assortment

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Essential to the success of any good game-watching gathering is the proper assortment of snacks of course. Win or lose, watching your favorite team will be better with the likes of these tasty eats.

Our Game Day Assortment contains the following:
Aged Irish Cheddar (7 oz.) - classic Irish cheddar. Use on or in appetizers, or on a cheese board. Leftovers are perfect for cooking.
Vincent (8 oz.) - a classic aged gouda, filled with crispy crystals and a hard texture of bold sweet and sharp flavor.
Marco Polo (5 oz.) - green and black peppercorns dapple the inside of this Seattle cheddar. Slightly spicy, this flavored cheese is great alone or with pairings.
Original Chorizo (8 oz.) - Traditional Spanish salami seasoned with the vivid red and distinct flavor of smoked paprika.
Salami Casalingo (5.5 oz.) -a classic salami cured with garlic and wine.
Chianti Salami (8 oz.) - An Italian style dry salami made with Chianti.
Dill Pickle Mustard (8-oz.) - an award-winning mustard with a dill pickle kick.
Marcona Almonds (3.5 oz.) - Spain's most precious almonds are also known as the 'Queen of Almonds'; sweet and softer than most almonds.
Kalamata Olives (10.2 oz.) - world-class, renowned table olives with firm a texture, a smoky taste and wine-infused snap.
Original Fig Spread (8.1 oz.) - hand picked, sun-dried and carefully cooked to create a spread that is versatile and a delightful flavor.
Original Queso-Melt Dip (10 oz.) - warm and dip this cheesy dip with crackers, fruit, bread or just your finger, plus a 5 oz. bag of Beecher's Original Crackers.

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