Game Day Salami Assortment

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There’s just something about the combination of sports and cured meat. Perhaps the best pairing of all time. Whether you’re watching the big game at home or sitting fieldside in the sun, salami is the perfect hearty snack to sit out and nibble. Add a few crackers and some team spirit, and you’re ready to go.

Our Game Day Salami Collection includes:
Salami Casalingo (5.5 oz.) - a simple but satisfying salami made with garlic and wine from artisan charcuterie house Creminelli.
Salami Sopressata (5.5 oz.) - A classic Italian style salami to suit most palates.
Original Chorizo (7.9 oz.) - Classic salami from Spain, distinct in its vivid red color and smoked paprika seasoning.
Flagship (7 oz.) - a very American cheddar from Beecher’s in Seattle.
Original Sin Mustard (9 oz.) - a grainy spicy mustard perfect for pairing with cured meat.

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