German Charcuterie Collection

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Germany has perfected the art of making meat into delicious things. Meats like sausage and pate are a considerable part of the cuisine and often pair with mustard. This collection features two traditional types of pate and sausage, all tied together with dill pickle mustard.

Our German Charcuterie Collection contains the following:
Cooked Bratwurst (40 oz.) – Germany’s best known sausage, fully cooked. This blend of pork and veal has a mild but distinct flavor. Simply warm and serve.
Teawurst (7 oz.) – Schaller & Weber's Teawurst sausage is best a teatime. It gets made from pork and bacon, then seasoned and smoked. This smooth and spreadable meat is almost pate-like.
Pate with Goose (7 oz.) – Called Ganseleberwurst in German, this creamy pate gets made from goose liver and goose meat. A fine spreading liverwurst, similar to French pate de foie.
Andouille Sausage (40 oz.) – This classic German sausage evolved into a regional favorite in American Cajun country. Slightly smoky and super delicious.
Dill Pickle Mustard (8 oz.) – Terrapin Ridge's award-winning mustard has an added kick of dill pickle. Use it to complement brats and burgers.

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