Greek Classic Gift Box

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This Greek Classic Gift Box is loaded with healthy Mediterranean products, cheese, artichoke, olives, dolmas. Enough variety to make a Greek meze and if you really want to keep the Greek theme going, poor some ouzo.

Manouri (5.3 oz.) - a white semi-soft cheese, that may remind you of feta, but it is creamier and less salty, with a milky flavor.
Kasseri (6 oz.) - the melting cheese of Greece, and used in the Greek dish called saganaki. The texture of this cheese may be a little rubbery, but the flavor is rich and buttery and it's a great table cheese.
Dolmas (7-oz.) - no meze without dolmas. Dolmas are stuffed grape leaves. The dolmas from Divina are filled with flavorful long-grain rice. No meat in these grape leaves.
Olives stuffed with Garlic (7.8 oz.) - Halkidiki olives stuffed with pieces of garlic.
Artichoke Spread (7.3 oz.) - a spread of artichokes with lemon, garlic, herbs, spices and olive oil.

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