Spanish Classic Assortment

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Our Spanish Classic Assortment consists of gourmet products that will introduce you to the cuisine in Espana. 

Sliced Serrano Ham (3 oz.) - Serrano ham, also known as jamon serrano, is a nutty ham cured in the mountains of Spain. It pairs beautifully with tapas and sliced Manchego.
Manchego Cheese (8 oz.) - We can't talk about Spanish classics without talking about Manchego. This well-liked cheese is known for its basket-weave rind and flavor combinations. It notes range from buttery, zesty, nutty, and fruity.
Fig Almond Cake - (5.3 oz.) - The real deal. This two-ingredient cake has whole Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds. Its soft-crunchy nature shines with cheese.
Valencia Almonds (4 oz.) - Although Spain does not have a national nut, it has to be the almond. These fried nuts are magnificent with cheese.
Wild Lavender Honey (7 oz.) - This raw honey offers a divine floral element to cheese, dessert, and yogurt.

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