Spanish Tapas Kit

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Spain is known for its rugged terrain, goat milk cheeses, and tapas. Tapas are essentially small plates of food, almost like a Spanish appetizer. These appetizers can have toppings like ham, sweet peppers, and goat cheese.

The Spanish Tapas Kit includes:

Rosey Goat Cheese – This rosey cheese gets coated in fresh rosemary for a pleasant tang.
Idiazabal Cheese – This goat's milk cheese is one of Spain's oldest cheeses. It has a fudge-like flavor fit for the Fig and Almond Cake.
Manchego Cheese Aged 6 Months – Spain's most iconic exported cheese. This name-protected cheese is medium-bodied with notes of olive oil, nuts, and butter. It's complex yet approachable, making for a satisfying introduction to sheep's milk cheese.
Spanish Salchichon Salami Sliced – Traditionally salchichon sausages are simply seasoned with sea salt and black pepper and hung to cure in the cool mountain air for several weeks.
Original Chorizo – A Spanish rendition of salami. Its use of smoked paprika gives a vivid red color and slightly sweet flavor.
Orange Fig Spread - Take a trip to its Mediterranean with Dalmatia's award-winning spread. Its combination of sweet figs and tangy, fresh-squeezed oranges adds a refreshing element to cheese and crackers.
Fig and Almond Cake – This two-ingredient cake is a beautiful addition to any table. Slice off bites and enjoy with cheese, meat, crackers, or on its own.
Castelvetrano Olives – Not a fan of olives? These are sure to change your mind! Castelvetrano olives are well-known for their crisp, meaty texture and buttery taste. Their mild flavor suits those drawn away from bold, brinier olives.
Valencia Almonds – We can't mention Spanish foods without mentioning almonds. These Valencia almonds get fried in sunflower oil and sprinkled with sea salt, making them even more irresistible.
PicaQuicos – These jumbo corn kernels are smokin' hot. With a coating of cayenne pepper and smoked paprika, these kernels are perfect for those who like spice with their crunch.
Mandarin Fig Paste - a blend of mandarin and fig. Try it on your morning toast or bagel, great with salty cheese or you can include it in your cooking arsenal when preparing pork or chicken.
Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers – You need these crackers on your cheeseboard! This five-ingredient snack is a match for cheese and dips.

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