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Proving that gourmet food doesn’t have to be rich and fatty, this Gourmet food inspired basket includes the following:

Farro – An ancient grain, prominent in gourmet restaurants, vegetarian and Italian cuisine. Farro has nearly double the amount of protein as does white or brown rice. A complex nutty taste with undertones of oats and barley.
Whole Grain Tandoori Naan – A rustic look, hand stretched with large airy bubbles and a flavor of smoke. This Whole Grain Tandoori Naan is made with clarified butter, buttermilk and all natural ingredients.
Steel Cut Oats – Great for a warm bowl of cereal, used in recipes such as breads, cookies or meatballs, or even uncooked with yogurt and fruit.
Whole Grain Crisps – made with 100% whole wheat, deliciously thin yet crisps and sure to pair well with cheese, sweet or savory treats, and so much more.
Multigrain Flax Mediterranean crackers – This excellent flax cracker is crunchy, nutty and visually pleasing thanks in part to the flax seed and salt. Made with just a few ingredients, like a flatbread, these pair well with humus or dip, preserves or peanut butter, or something stronger like meat or cheese.
Whole Wheat Mini Toasts – This sliced bread shaped, whole wheat toasts are thick enough to maintain their crunch and not become quickly soggy as crackers and crisps so often do. Yet small enough to use on appetizers.
Original Sin Mustard – Whole seed grainy mustard delivers a strong spicy flavor. Use it on sandwiches, pretzels, or in a sauce. For long-term storage, this Lusty Monk mustard should be refrigerated to preserve their spicy flavor.

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