Yellow Stone Ground Speckled Grits

Picture of yellow stone ground speckled grits
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Stone-ground grits are made from whole dried corn kernels that have been coarsely ground the old-fashioned way: between the two stones of a grist mill and that's the way the people of Logan Turnpike Mill do it.

Because the entire kernel is ground, including the germ, stone-ground grits often have a speckled appearance, and a more toothsome texture and rich corn flavor. Stone-ground grits are less processed, which makes them more perishable, so store them in the freezer not the pantry. It also makes them healthier as they contain more vitamins and minerals.

NOTE: Logan Turnpike Mill also grinds wheat, using different equipment than for the corn grinding. They do mix wheat flours in another part of the factory, so there could be wheat in the air.