Feta Cheese Mt Vikos

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Pasteurized MilkYes
Vegetarian RennetYes
Non GMOYes

Feta - one of the world’s most beloved cheeses, originally from Greece. Immensely popular because of its straightforward flavors: salty, moist, creamy and acidic. This cheese goes with almost everything, and is bold, yet simple enough to be enjoyed by even the most timid palate.

A little addition of feta adds some saltiness and tang to any dish or bite. For this reason, many fridges across the world are stocked with crumbled or block feta, for regular use atop everyday dishes.

This feta is sold in a block, so its flavor will be at its best. Slice, cube, or crumble for cooking applications, or pair with a beverage and some crackers for a snack.

Ingredients:pasteurized sheep and goat's milk, sea salt, bacterial culture, microbial rennet.