Jambon de Paris

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A cooked ham, made according to the traditional French recipe, this three-muscle French-style ham is delicately spiced, slowly cooked in its own juices and wrapped in its own skin.

The result is a refined taste. Jambon de Paris has a lot of flavor, but has a low sodium content – a definite plus because it's hard to resist.

​Pile it up on a sandwich, using rustic style bread or the traditional French baguette, add a few slices of cornichons and if you want to do it the French way, pile some Brie cheese on top.​

This Jambon De Paris weighs approximately 10-11 lbs. 

Ingredients:Ham, pork skin, water, salt, dextrose, spices, sodium phosphate, sodium nitrite, sodium ascorbate (from vitamin C), carrageenan.
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