Speck Alto Adige

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The unmistakeable taste of Speck Alto Adige is firmly rooted in the culinary tradition of its homeland, Southern Tyrol where closely-guarded family recipes passed down from generation to generation. The secret lies in the distinctive herby crust formed by a blend of rosemary, bay, juniper and a little salt and pepper. Gentle smoking and slow curing in the abundantly fresh mountain air transform this this culinary treat into a top-quality gourmet product.

Speck Alto Adige is extremely versatile and adds a fabulously taste to dishes. Lightly spiced, gently smoked and cured in the fresh mountain air.

Speck does not need any preparation; it is ready-to-eat and there are many ways to enjoy and serve speck. It can simply be sliced and served as an appetizer or in a sandwich with oil, tomatoes and basil. However, it can also be added to pasta, risotto, soups and pizza, enhancing the taste of the dishes.

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