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It looks like molasses, but is made using a sorghum cane rather than sugar cane. Sorghum is tall grass that looks very similar to corn, but without ears. It grows well in arid and hot climates, and is drought and heat resistant. The tall cane is pressed to make sorghum syrup.

Sorghum cane is typically harvested during September and October. Juice is extracted from freshly cut plants and that bright green juice goes back to the mill, where it is heated in a holding tank; cooked and thickened into light amber syrup that is then bottled.

The Muddy Pond Mill is operated by the Guenther family and is located midway between Nashville and Knoxville in the hills of Tennessee. Their Sorghum Syrup has won many awards and honors. Store sorghum at room temperature. If it begins to crystallize, put it in a pan of warm water and it will become syrup again.

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