Cooked Bratwurst

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4 sausages, weight: 12 ounces
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CountryUnited States
StateNew York

Made by Schaller and Weber in New York, this delicately-seasoned fully cooked pork sausage is one of the most popular types of German style sausages.

The cooked bratwurst is spiced with nutmeg and marjoram, the sausage has a mild but distinct flavor. They are delicious every time and easy to eat any time.

It is perfect as an appetizer, ideal for breakfast, or as an entree at a casual weekend brunch. These cooked brats are great on the grill or year round on the stove. Put them on a bed of sauerkraut with a squirt of mustard or however you want to serve them.

We have the cooked bratwurst in 12 oz. packages (containing 4 sausages) and 2.5 pounds packages (containing 12 sausages).

Ingredients:pork, water, veal, salt, sodium lactate, milk, spices, flavorings, sodium phosphate, dextrose, sodium diacetate, citric acid.
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