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A whole pork loin is seasoned with a mix of sea salt, brown sugar, orange zest, garlic and spices. Then it is rubbed with paprika and orange zest and cured for 5 weeks.

The result: a lean sausage with an intense flavor. This Spanish style pork meat can be a good substitute for Spanish Ham, jamon serrano.

One way of serving this thinly sliced meat is by sprinkling it with olive oil and serve with some slices of Manchego cheese and a fine Spanish wine. It will also go very well with soft cheese.

Ingredients:pork, water, white wine, sea salt, onin, peppers, carrot, brown sugar, whole orange with peel, garlic paste, sodium nitrite, juniper, allspice, fennel seed, thyme, bay leaf, paprika, orange zest.
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