Minus 8 Vinegar

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Minus 8 Vinegar is handcrafted and made from the juice of frozen grapes, hand picked at -8 degrees C (17 degrees F) or colder. The frozen temperature are needed to develop the taste of this fine vinegar. Months of weathering throughout the fall and winter give the grapes unmistakable flavors found nowhere else as they oxidize on the vine; the slow natural freezing concentrates the flavors of the juice. The grapes dehydrate, concentrating the sugars, acids, and flavors in the grape. The grapes are immediately pressed at freezing temperatures to extract the most concentrated juice.

If the grapes were allowed to thaw, the whole process would be wasted. The winemaker blends juices from 8 varieties of grapes, both red and white, with choices made to his professional taste. They are elevated and harvested in this way to attain the intricate flavor profile and delicate balance within the final product.

This item cannot be found everywhere and they are produced in limited quantities. Each bottle of Minus 8 is cork sealed and hand dipped in wax. After opening, if you intend to keep the bottle longer that 2 months, store it in the refrigerator to preserve flavors as long as possible. Otherwise, keep the cork in the bottle, and store it in a cool place out of direct light.

Ingredients:White wine vinegar, red wine vinegar
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