Lamb Beef Sujuk Sliced Salami

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This Armenian-style Sujuk Salami features humanely-sourced beef and lamb. Toasted cumin is blended with organic garlic and Georgia sumac, resulting in a unique way to differentiate your charcuterie offerings. It's also a delicious way to provide a pork-free option on the menu.

Partner with full bodied reds like a Zinfandel and Cabernet but will also hold up against Rose in the summertime. For a beer pairing, Porters and big farmhouse ales will make a great accompaniment.

We sell this salami as a whole salami of approx. 1.75 pounds or thinly sliced in packages of 3 ounces.

Ingredients:beef, lamb, spices, dextrose, garlic, salt, red wine, sodium nitrate, maturation starter culture.
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