Wild Boar Salami

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Wild Boar Salami is made with a mixture of field harvested Texas wild boar and all natural Duroc pork belly, and seasoned with wine-soaked cloves and juniper berries. Wild boar meat is leaner, tangier, and deeper in color making a more exotic product. The flavor profile is stronger and more distinctive and takes on the tones of the boar's wild diet which includes roots, grasses, nuts, and berries.

Savoring this salami and you may think you're in Florence. At the busy Mercato Nuovo sits Il Porcellino, a bronze statue of a wild boar sculpted by Pietro Tacca in 1612. Tradition holds that if you rub the nose of the wild boar statue you ensure your return to Florence.

Creminelli meats are handmade under the supervision of master artisan, Cristiano Creminelli. Cristiano insists on using choice cuts of meat from select breeds, fed with organic white grains and raised on small family farms. Organic spices are employed cautiously in the European tradition to complement and not overwhelm the flavorful, well-marbled natural pork.

Ingredients:wild boar, pork, sea salt, natural flavors (celery powder), organic spices, sugars, organic garlic, lactic acid starter cultures (in beef casing).
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