Emmentaler Cave-Aged Cheese

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1 block, weight: 8 ounces
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1 block, weight: 1 pound
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Raw milkYes
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The original true 'Swiss cheese' puts all imitators to shame. This giant age-old cheese from Switzerland has become the worldwide symbol of cheese: light yellow wedge with the iconic holes. Emmentaler is made in the Alps of Switzerland, from the milk of cows who graze on mountain pastures. The milk is some of the best in the world, and the cheese also so.

This true cave-aged version, aged in the Kaltbach caves, has a medley of flavors: grassy, slightly sweet and milky, with buttery notes and the flavor of nuts.

Don’t forget about its melting capabilities. When hot, Emmentaler offers that classic silky stretch and is wonderful in fondues and cold-weather potato dishes. This version is also good enough for a fancy cheese board and elevated pairings.

We hand-cut and wrap this cheese in wedges of approximately 1 pound and 8 ounces.

Ingredients:cultured milk and non-fat milk, salt, enzymes.