Swiss Raclette Cheese

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Wedge, weight: 1 pound
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Quarter wheel, weight: 3 pounds
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Half wheel, weight: 6 pounds
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Wheel, weight: 12 pounds
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Pasteurized MilkYes
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Raclette is a wonderful melting cheese; and one of the cheeses that many people know when they think about Swiss cheese. Raclette means 'scraper' and refers the traditional Swiss dish with the same name.

The texture of the Raclette cheese is very smooth, the aroma is characteristic of an alpine cheese and the taste is mild with a herbal, fruity tone. A gourmet cheese that works wonders when melted over vegetables or potatoes, your burger. It is worth trying to eat the cheese in the traditional way - just melted - the cheese becomes your 'meat' part of the meal. Serve it, like the Swiss do, with boiled potatoes and cornichons.

We hand-cut and wrap a wheel in 3 sizes, a wedge of 1 pound, a quarter wheel (approx. 3 pounds), a half wheel (approx. 6 pounds) or and you can purchase an entire wheel (approx. 12 pounds).

Ingredients:cultured pasteurized milk and non-fat milk, salt, enzymes.