Hot & Sweet Peppers

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Native to South Africa, the piquante pepper is relatively low on the Scoville Scale making them perfect in a range of dishes. Their vibrant color and earthy flavor are a wonderful addition to salads, pizzas, sandwiches, and dips like pimento cheese.

They are also exceptionally delicious on their own or as an accompaniment to an anitpasti platter. Hot and Sweet Red Peppers are pickled in a sweet white wine brine, resulting in an irresistible crisp texture similar to a pickle. Their mild sweet heat and small size makes these peppers great for appetizers.

Try fresh chevre stuffed Hot and Sweet Peppers with a light drizzle of honey, delicious!

Ingredients:peppers, water, white wine vinegar, sea salt, sugar, citric acid, glucono delta-lactone, acetic acid, calcium chloride (firming agent).