Jose Andres Sweet Piquillo Peppers

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Only the most perfect piquillo peppers are picked by hand to make this sweet, smoky and delicious dish, leaving the younger ones behind to ripen a bit longer. From there they are brought to the kitchens at Rosara – just down the road from the fields where they are picked – to be roasted over an open beechwood fire.

The charred skin is then carefully removed by hand before the smoky peppers are combined with red wine from Navarra and pure cane sugar and gently simmered in small batches.

The result is a perfect balance of sweet wine and savory peppers, great for pairing with goat cheese or foie gras for an astonishing tapa. Try it with your favorite cut of sirloin, alongside grilled duck or in a salad dressed with Pedro Ximenez sherry vinegar. 

Ingredients:piquillo peppers, red wine, sugar, salt, citric acid to control acidity.