Jose Andres Tomato Puree

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Tomate frito or tomato puree; a slow cooked tomato sauce is at the heart of many Spanish recipes. To make this Spanish staple, fresh ripe tomatoes and vegetables are slowly simmered in small batches for hours, concentrating their flavors and eliminating any acidity.

The resulting is a delicious sauce that provides flavor to paella, stews and countless other Spanish dishes. Spread it on fresh toasted bread and top with jamon for an easy pan con tomate.

Chef Jos� Andr�s selects the very best Spanish foods to feature in his personal collection. His friends at Rosara harvest vegetables from fields near their facilities in Navarra. Within hours they are simmering in wide pans, slowly concentrating their flavors. It is packed fresh and shipped direct from the Navarra lowlands in Northern Spain to bring the freshness and traditional Spanish flavor to you.

Ingredients:tomato, onion, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, green pepper, garlic, spices.